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2022.10.24 - 2022.10.30
桒原 航
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When I entered university, I bought my first camera and started taking photographs. While I was exposed to various types of photography, it was street photography that attracted me the most. I especially loved travel photography, where I found a wonderful world that satisfied my curiosity.
Naturally, I began to take photographs on the streets and when taking long vacations, I would go on a travel trip every year.
Beijing, New York, London, Bangkok, Tunis (Tunisia), and Tokyo.

I would like to start my first solo exhibition with travel photography, which is the starting point of my photography.

Kou Kuwabara

桒原 航「

2009年 日本大学芸術学部写真学科卒
2009 BFA, Photography, Nihon University College of Art, Tokyo, Japan