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2022.11.21 - 2022.12.04

Part 1: 11月21日(月)〜11月27日(日)
Part 2: 11月28日(月)〜12月4日(日)

 イム・ゴンテク監督の「⻄便制(ソピョンジェ)/邦題 ⾵の丘を越えて」に出会った。朝鮮伝統芸能パンソリの奥底にある恨(ハン)400年の映画だった。美しかった。

My journey is about encountering music.
It all started in 1991 in Africa. I was so much attracted by African musicians that I began traveling to and from the continent. I have since imprinted their souls on 4×5 film. In 1997, when I was planning to meet Nigeria’s Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in person, he succumbed to AIDS.
Then I happened to see Seopyeonje (1993) directed by Im Kwon-taek. It was a movie steeped in “han,” a sense of grief and resentment. Han is at the root of a genre of traditional Korean musical storytelling called pansori. I found the film beautiful.
It showed Ahn Sook-sun sing songs that transcend han, which made me raring to meet her, and I visited South Korea for the first time. I captured the pansori singer, a living national treasure, on 4×5 film.
This marked the beginning of my journey to encounter music in Asia, in addition to Africa. It has since been like rediscovering my brethren who are “Mongoloid people with blue birthmarks on their yellow buttocks.” My thoughts spread as far as to West Asia, which is close to Africa. I have met musicians, both when they visited Japan and when they played at home.
From Israel to Mongolia, and definitely from the Okinawan islanders to the Ainu natives in Japan. I have traveled over a quarter century to meet Asian musicians. It’s been a journey to help fix their souls. Buddhist monks are also musicians and so are island priestesses. May they sing and dance forever more.
I am presenting the highlights of my journey in homage to Asian musicians.
Part 1: Rediscovering Asia - “From South Korea to West Asia, the continent and Taiwan”
Part 2: To the Land of the Rising Sun - “Taiwan, Yaima, Yamato, Ainu”
I wonder how you would feel about this two-part attempt.
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