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Jinhee Kim



Jinhee Kim  [Whisper(ing)]
Jinhee Kim  [Whisper(ing)]
Jinhee Kim  [Whisper(ing)]

長くて妙な夢を見たような気がする。まだ明け方のようだ。彼を起こさない様に注意しながらベッドから下りた。鏡の前で裸の自分を見る。ああ・・・足が暖かいと思ったら、まだ靴下をはいていたんだ・・・。時代遅れでゴムのくたびれた靴下を恥ずかしく思い、目の端で彼を意識しながら脱いだ。キッチンに向かい、コーヒーをいれながら物思いに耽る。 もうすぐ、留学の為に国外へ行くのだ。彼に体をゆるしたのは、外国に行く前に韓国人の男性と寝ておくべきだという幼稚な考えからだったが、自分のしたことは正しかったのだろうか。セックスは結局そんなに神秘的なものでもないと思った。半分狂った様な大あわてで、なにがどうだったかすら覚えていない。彼は、私が靴下をはいていたことを知っていたのだろうか?彼が私の野暮な靴下をどう思ったかなんて知りたくもないが。


I feel like I had an unusually long dream. It still feels like dawn. I don’t want to wake him up so I carefully climb down from the bed. Standing before the mirror I see my naked body. Ah… My feet seem warm and I realize I am still wearing my socks… I am embarrassed at my unfashionable socks with worn elastics so I take them off while glancing at him from the corner of my eye. I walk into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee but I am soon lost in my thoughts. I am going abroad to study soon. I wonder if I did the right thing, allowing him my body with my immature idea that I should sleep with a Korean man before I leave. I guess sex is not so magical after all… It was so frantic that I don’t even remember what or how. Did he know I was wearing socks? I don’t even want to know what he thought of my dowdy socks. “What are you doing over there? It’s cold. Come here.”
As he rubs his tired eyes, I walk over to him and quickly hide the socks off I took off earlier and say,“Shall we have some coffee?”

This work touches on the sexuality of single women in their twenties. The society I know feels uncomfortable about sex but desire it at the same time. Everyone knows that women in their twenties have sex and its’ stories are only shared in private. These stories are not openly exposed but they exist below the surface. I became curious about these narratives and I wanted to express my peculiar sentiments about sex together with the stories of other women.

●会場: Place M (3階)
●日程 : 4月2日(月)
●時間 : 開場 18:30  開演 19:00
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Jinhee Kim

1985 born in Busan, Korea
2008 BFA ChungAng University, Photography, Seoul
2008~ MFA ChungAng University, Photography, Seoul

2007 『in whispers』, Gallery bar : chez robert , Seoul, Korea
2012 『whisper(ing)』, Place M Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (upcoming)

2006 『tempering』, Mongsang studio, Seoul, Korea
2007 『tempering』 Invitation exhibit, ART CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY : BODA, Seoul, Korea
2008 2008 Fairy tale of the Day, Xian Art School, Xian, China
2009 National Photographic Exchange Invitation exhibit, Ulsan Art Center, Ulsan, Korea
2011 Young Artists Project : portfolio documenta, EXCO, Taegu, Korea
The twelfth Grand Prize: Sajin Bipyong Winners Works exhibition,
Gallery Illum, Seoul, Korea

2011 The twelfth Grand Prize: Sajin Bipyong, IPHOS, Seoul, Korea

2010 whisper(ing), IANNBOOKS, Seoul, Korea


2007 Monthly Photo FEB.2007 , Seoul, Korea
2010 IANN Magazine, vol.6, Seoul, Korea
Fraction Magazine Issue 14, New Mexico, USA

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