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Gallery Place M has been established as the place to present and make a photography works in 1987. Place M is a complex space that has galleries and darkrooms, a book store, and also the space of photography experimentation. Photography workshop "Yoru no Shashin gakkou - Photography school of night" was established 13years ago, and will be started the 25th term in April. This is a small photography school. It was named "Yoru no Shashin gakkou - Photography school of the night" because holding a lecture on every Saturday night.

Gallery Place M Seto Masato

aim to hold solo exhibition

In the lecture, photography of participants are reviewed. The participants grope and experiment every possibility of photograph expression and aim to hold a solo exhibition in Place M.

I wish participants to learn a technique and an essential theme of photography, photograph expression which is experimentally, and has "Will", study a concretely method of presenting photography, then aim to hold a solo-exhibition in the purpose. and also I wish this workshop become to a space which is for exchanging or arguement and giving impulses each other for nameless young photographers.

There are 20 lectures in 6months, 19:00-21:30 every Saturday. as soon as finish to make work, hold solo-exhibition at Place M. However, it is on certain condition to reach a level. Even if you would not reach the level. it would be free for continue the next term.

lectures with the special guests

Four lectures in one term (twenty lectures), I invite a photographer, an editor, a curater,a comentator as special guests lecturers who are active in the photography scene. Up to this day, I had invited Mr.Miyamoto Takashi, Mr.Kanemura Osamu, Mr.Nagano Shigeichi, Mr.Washio Michio, Mr.Misima Ysushi("Asahi Camera" editional department), Mr.Tanno Kiyokazu, Mr.Iisawa Koutarou, Mr.Yamazaki Hiroshi, Mr.Suda Issei, Mr.Moriyama Daido. I will invite the guests as much as possible for requests of participants.

Inviting the term participants !!

We invite a person who faces to photography seriously to explore another new piece of photography what is not seen yet.

The visit is accepted at any time. Please inquire in further detail.


Lecturer:Seto Masato's Profile

  Born in Udonthani, Thailand in 1953. Photographer. worked as an assistantat of photographer Fukase Masahisa, After graduation from Tokyo Shashin Senmon Gakkou (Tokyo Visual Arts). indipendented as a free lance photographer in 1981. Established Gallery Place M in Yotsuya 4 chome. Shinjuku, Tokyo with Yamauchi Michio in 1987.

Plenty of exhibisions in the world.

Publications : "Bangkok, Hanoi 1982-1987"(1989, IPC)
"Living Room, Tokyo"(1996, Shinchou-Sya)
"Silent Mode"(1996, Mole)
"picnic"(2005, PlaceM)
"To-oi to Masato"(1998, Asahi Shinbun-Sya)
"Asia Kazoku Monogatari"(2002, Kadokawa-Syoten. changed the title of "To-oi to Masato" for pocketbook)

awards : Nippon Syashin kyoukai Shinjin Syou(1990)
Higashikawa award Shinjin sakka syou(1995)
8th Syashin no kai syou(1996)
21th Kimura Ihei syou(1996)
Shinchougakugei syou(1999)

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